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We may not be completely aware of what we’re communicating to others. By Ferretti c1730 {{PD-Art}}

From ECLIPSE, about influences for the 20th-21st of June:

We don’t know what we’re communicating! But it’s not in line with our reality! But, oddly this may be highly empowering!! These may be days when we careen out of control socially, mentally, psychically, and yet it all ends up working to our advantage–go figure! That doesn’t mean there won’t be casualties, but that we will find some benefit among the ruins.

And from the upcoming issue of ECLIPSE, due out evening Pacific time of the 21st:

From the article: Jupiter Square Neptune: Society in Conflict With the Spiritual

The more power and materially-oriented forces will be lobbying for their own benefit–and what stands in their way is our own sense of ideals and connectedness.

The social arena may require statements, talk about where we stand, what we think, or simply could insist we listen to what’s being presented–and there’s a Kafkaesque, nightmare quality to it all, as we will find that reason, even-handedness, and true discourse fall by the wayside.

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