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‘Allegory of Modesty and Vanity’ or ‘The Conversion of the Magdalene’ Apparently, it’s your choice. By Bernardo Luini c1560 {{PD-Art}}

For today, the 26th of September:

Void begins at 8:35 PM PDT; the Moon enters Pisces at 10:24 PM PDT.

Right away the Moon joins with Neptune and trines Ceres. The aspect picture is one of unreliable emotional perceptions, misleading or distorted intuitions, creativity inspired by nature, or emotional reactions to the assertions of authorities or Mom. We may feel ‘drugged up’ without the actual drugs, zoned out, or overwhelmed by feeling or fog. There’s not much to be done, except to avoid commitment or contracts for the active window of this contact and perhaps to allow ourselves to enter a creative zone that accesses things we are often too connected to reality to observe or enjoy.

And for tomorrow, the 27th:

9 AM PDT the Moon conjuncts Chiron, sextiles Pluto, and semi-sextiles Uranus. We have the choice to wallow in hurts from the past, stew over revenge, and exhaust ourselves, or we can allow healing, try to change the world, and exhaust ourselves. Moderation is the magic word at this time.

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