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‘Two Geisha Girls’ EA Hornel 1894 {{PD-Art}}

The 24th of September the Sun sextiles Juno and Earth conjuncts Pallas. These are highly positive, offering a spotlight that points out exactly what our empowerment should look like, and how to get it, while wisdom is found in the messages contained in our surroundings, and in skillful employment of material assets at our disposal. Can be a big day, one that can ‘set us up’ positively for some time to come. While on the 25th . . .

. . . Mercury conjuncts Zeus–we are confident and express ambitions and desires well, at this time–which only raises our chances of having them fulfilled. A few warnings: Venus sesquiquadrates Uranus–though spontaneous changes can come to relationships or finances, it’s best not to push; and Mars is semi-square Pluto, priming the temper pump, in a way that will probably take victims (both expressers and targets) by surprise.

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