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Nagy, before 1937 {{PD}}

For Saturday the 13th:

Void begins at 11:48 AM PDT; the Moon enters Libra at 4:02 PM Pacific time on the 13th.

There’s an immediate quincunx of the Moon to Neptune, perhaps making us uneasy over the partner, or the level of cooperation we can expect; we’ll need to both adjust and let go of any fantasies we’re prone to in this regard.

A midnight opposition of the Moon to Uranus, a quincunx to Chiron, and a sextile to Mars may prompt us to project all our orneriness and our propensity to hurt ourselves or others ‘out there.’ Awareness that what we see outside us is really inside us has never been so appropriate.

And for Sunday the 14th:

About 1 PM Pacific the Moon finds the midpoint of Venus-Mercury. Whatever’s communicated/ thought concerning love or money may make us turn to the partner, or to an aesthetic outlet, in hopes of relieving some kind of tension. This could be good news–remember, that causes stress, too.

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