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Cartel Tierra, generously released into the public domain by Tavoanguiano

The Libra New Moon occurs at 5:02 AM Pacific time of the 15th at 22 Libra 32

Using our usual strict 2 degree orb, we find only a quincunx to Sedna, and a semi-square to Juno–if we stretch to 3, we are able to add that trine to Vesta, which may be key to understanding the whole thing. A New Moon is a beginning, a dawning, and so may be a point when certain things (indicated by aspects to the NM) are revealed or occur to us. In this case, we may have been dealing with, even struggling, with a certain depth-note of our consciousness, one that applies to our own understanding of the life-death-life cycle and our role in it, specifically in the way we ‘die to’ different aspects of our lives, dive deep in a kind of meditative consideration of what is, then are renewed, somewhat changed from what we once were. This change is always aligned with, even dictated by, our highest values, the Vestal attributes of deep intimate relationship, home, dedication to a cause or ideal, and respect for these. This New Moon is the moment of renewal; we come up from the depths, draw in a deep, healing, re-initiating breath, and we see just where we are, where the changes are, and who we are, now. Aspects suggest that adjustments prompted by our go-deep exploration (NM qnx Sedna) will help smooth out impediments to empowerment (NM semi-sq Juno), and this will be accomplished by living our highest ideals, actually by seeing them shape the ‘new’ parts of the Self mobilized, as symbolized by Vesta.

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