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‘The Spider’ Gysis 1884 {{PD-Art}}

Rather than give you a tidbit from the current ECLIPSE, I want to talk about some current in-play energies, and my personal experience of them yesterday; after talking to a number of people after the ‘event’, (though not about it) I’m fairly sure most everyone is or has been experiencing at least one of two possible effects: poison bite or poison pen–and figuratively speaking, the two are likely to overlap.

My attention was drawn to what might be floating around when, while on Facebook, I made a very mild comment on a friend’s post. I remember thinking how bland the comment was, and wondering why I was even bothering–and now I see that I was playing a part in this woman’s drama. She answered my comment with a brief tirade that went all over the place (Taxes? Obamacare? Where did that come from? My remark was about how nice it would be if we could all get along, a mutual respect in the health-front arena, with the hope that conventional and alternative methods could both be used, echoing–I thought–what she had said). This screed ended with her calling my comment asinine and asking if I was “happy now?” I wondered what the heck she meant.

Foolishly, perhaps, I tried to answer non-confrontationally, but trying not to allow her to wipe her feet on me, either, which I felt she had done with the name-calling. I stated what I thought she’d said, trying to draw a clearer connection to what I thought had been my innocuous remark, and I said, as it was so obvious to me, that her anger was misdirected and her rudeness uncalled for. I would say I shouldn’t have said that last, though I don’t believe it escalated things; she was already on a tear, and besides it was true: I hadn’t done or said anything to inspire this, and I can be sure of that because I had initially said so little! I don’t mind being called an ass if I am one, but I just did not see where she was getting this, and I thought that would make her realize that what to me seemed an intense overreaction on her part had to have been based on her misunderstanding my comment and my intention.

Her answer was to bring forward more non-sequiturs, including saying that her initial (very vague) post was “based on real-life”, to ask some questions out of left field, toaccuse me of “making things worse” and “kicking her when (she) was down”, and then she did something I find unforgivable: she tried to use my birth chart to insist that I must be “attacking” her, citing my 10th House Saturn as apparently making me aggressive and evil. This kind of condemnation based on some very old interpretations of a singular placement (in this case, based on the charts of world leaders, “gaining power before a pride-induced fall” was the common conception) suggests not only a lack of experience in chart interpretation but a shallow and, yes, vindictive way of thinking. It’s like saying that everyone with a 00 Taurus Sun must be a Hitler–it not only doesn’t follow, it’s insulting.

I never, ever indict someone based on their birth chart–it’s too complicated a subject to blithely pull out one item to try to bludgeon someone with in an argument. In my mind it’s akin to judging or condemning someone because of their skin color, eye color, or the timbre of their speaking voice–it’s something that just is, and to try to gain the upper hand in a dispute (and here I have to say, in my own mind I wasn’t actually in a dispute–I was confused, and a wee bit offended) by labeling a particular facet or aspect of the chart as bad is just wrong. I felt I had been cast against my will as the enemy, receiving vitriol that was unrelated to me or my comment, and that in her mind this justified any underhanded tactic to paint me as bad. I answered that no kick had been administered, and that I was sorry she felt that way–and then unfriended her, not to be vindictive myself, but because nobody needs ‘friends’ who treat them like that.

This occurred in the window for that 10:30 AM Lunar aspect I cited yesterday about housecleaning with the Moon trine Pluto (which can be both symbolic and literal)–but that Plutonian element can also be rage, and clearly, my former friend was immersed in it. The most interesting thing about real-time, current, but swift moving transit interaction with my natal chart was the way retro Merc was heading back toward my Midheaven–easily linking words to public reputation/ career or a public ‘space’–and t Venus, ruler of four planets in my chart, was conjunct my natal Sun–I’m not really sure how that might’ve played in–jealousy? thinking I should ‘pay’ somehow?–while the t Moon was conjunct my Vertex–manifesting something fated, a ‘step along the way’, which I can only think was to draw my attention and prepare me for more of these instances of dealing with someone who is clearly dealing with themselves, and not with me–and with t Neptune opposed my natal Pluto, quincunx my Merc, trine my Neptune, and square my MC, it’s easy to see how I could misunderstand and be misunderstood, but also bringing events that clear out what’s no longer relevant (Pluto), teaching me to adjust and clarify my communications (Merc) and making me a prime target for projection–and this latter has always been so, with my 7th House Pluto often receiving others’ perceptions of themselves and transferring them to their perception of me. She was, in effect, attacking, and looking in the mirror, saw that person who was reflected was attacking, too.

So I got the poison pen, and so did a few others I encountered yesterday–but there were also some poison bites that were quite literal. Spider bites, rashy, pokey injuries, and mystery maladies–and all of this I would hook in the general picture to Mercury retro square Chiron and Neptune, with Saturn trine Chiron-Neptune bringing it into the reality picture. We can see, too, that with Chiron involved we will either get hurt, or add to our own understanding and unique skills. This influence will be in effect through, roughly, the 16th, and again, probably manifesting in intangibles only (since Saturn will have moved on somewhat) starting 9 December and lasting through about the 15th. Stay alert to the possibility that what’s being communicated is much more about the speaker than the recipient, and stay away from spider hidey-holes, real or symbolic–their bite may be especially irritating right now.