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‘Right and Left’ Homer 1909 {{PD-Art}}

New Moon of November 13th at 2:07 PM Pacific Standard time at 21 Scorpio 56 is a Solar eclipse

The Sabian for the eclipse is, ‘Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks’. This suggests something free and wild stalked by, and possibly destroyed by, something predatory–and the something predatory is equipped with ‘arms’ and ‘ammo’ against which the hunted is essentially defenseless. The ‘wild things’ are frightened from their protective cover, made to flee in the hope that they can protect themselves by getting away. Though it may seem obvious, we should note that duck hunting is a very deliberate, planned activity; one does not just happen to take one’s hunting rifle when one is out for a stroll, just happen to flush ducks from their cover, and think, ‘Well, maybe I’ll take a crack at those!’ We must be aware that this may be the underlying state of the previously described conflict (in an earlier paragraph): that the conflict could in fact be one where one party seeks to ‘ambush’, take by surprise, or take advantage of the other. Duck hunting, we must acknowledge, doesn’t very often result in duck on the dinner table–it is instead much more considered, however inappropriately, ‘sport’, and there’s a good chance that if you find yourself as the stalkee, this could indeed be the attitude of the stalk-er. That will make it both very hard to make sense of things, and impossible to drag a reason for such aggression out of the stalk-er; feeling his or her power, they are unlikely to feel the need to justify their choice.

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