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Just let it all go by, if you can. ‘Woman With Fans’ Manet 1873 {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE (order today and get the issue that includes the Solar eclipse analysis from this week’s event); a new issue arrives tonight, Pacific time!

November 15th is a day of adjustment; it may feel like everything doesn’t quite fit. Saturn quincunxes Uranus and Venus quincunxes Pallas; could we have a more clear prescription for bad judgment from ants-in-the-pants? No, we could not. Change will seem necessary, but at the same time inappropriate, What’s smart will cost us and what’s frugal won’t be smart, and neither containment nor anarchy works. Don’t even try to control it, for your blood pressure’s sake–just let it all go by, if you can.

And in the Lunar outlook (also from ECLIPSE):

3 PM PST the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Venus and squares Pallas. This is a peculiar aspect, in that we may feel flush, prosperous, or loved, and so do something immensely unwise in our state of confidence. It’s one of those things we should just sit back and enjoy; that little exciting spark of an idea is probably exactly what you should avoid, right now.

New course offered by Jeremy Neal!