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‘Leaving the Studio’ Paxton 1921 {{PD-Art}}

For Friday the 16th:

2 PM PST the Moon conjuncts Pluto, inviting an emotional purge, especially one centered on the things we feel restricted by (Capricorn). A few will use the emotions or intuition to gain power or to destroy, while a handful of others may see a way to transform either the emotional approach or the matters of the House with Cancer on the cusp–if this is you, believe what you see in the ‘doorway’, and step through.

Saturday the 17th:

November 17th the Sun and Mercury meet up in Inferior Conjunction (the meeting that occurs when Merc is retro), and both conjunct the North Node; Mars also sextiles Neptune. This may plant a seed that is specifically oriented toward creative action, either in matters of the House where the Sun-Merc-NN falls (25-26 Scorpio) or in matters of a generally Scorpionic nature–so things that involve research, secrets, mysteries, emotional depths, destruction, re-birth, transformation–and these latter can be of materials or individuals who change or re-make themselves in some way, especially in matters of feeling and ‘heart’. We likely get an energy boost, and start something intense and meaningful to us personally–and perhaps of import to others, as well.

And for Sunday the 18th:

Around 4:30 AM PST the Moon hits the midpoint of Neptune-Mars, which should illuminate, through feeling or intuition, those creative acts, choices, and moves we spawned yesterday. It’s a chance to course-correct so that the whole psyche can support our efforts. 1PM PST the Moon squares Saturn; we either find we need to contain the emotions or we find ourselves hitting a brick wall in the feeling department. Either way it’s almost an invitation to stop trying to navigate everything emotionally, and tune up logic and pure reason–Moon in Aquarius will support this, and we’ll get a fresh, and likely needed, perspective.

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