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A knot garden in Bristol UK  Pic by Rodw  Released into the Public Domain {{PD}} Thanks, Rodw!

A knot garden in Bristol UK Pic by Rodw Released into the Public Domain {{PD}} Thanks, Rodw!

December 12th the big news is Venus conjunct the North Node. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for some it will make for a definitive moment concerning values, wealth, or relationships. Direction in one or more of these areas will be set. Look to the House where this occurs in your chart, as well as any aspects it makes (from 25 Scorpio)in order to know the possible impact.


New Moon occurs December 13th at 12:41 AM PST at 21 Sagittarius 44

The New Moon squares Pallas and quincunxes Sedna, making no other aspects under a three degree orb, though we might consider a semi-square to Saturn, as this could be a wise choice, giving us our ‘doorway’ into reality for NM energies. Sag is about knowledge and the sharing of such, and in square to the symbol of wisdom and practical skills, and quincunx the ‘blind spot’ of the chart, it could signal a point when what is ‘born’ with the NM energy is something decidedly unwise, a parcel of misinformation (as it doesn’t seem deliberately malicious) that affects our reality situation, possibly through putting up unwarranted barriers, slowing or stopping progress, or repressing some element that was on its way to expression. This is so very contradictory to the typical NM scenario, where we are seeing the initiation of something much more positive, that it’s difficult to believe that a New Moon may leave us in such a problem state–but there it is. The worst thing is we will not realize that what we’re deal with is an unwise viewpoint–and of course that’s where all the danger lies.

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