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For Saturday 15 December 2012:

2 AM PST the Capricorn Moon forms the base of a Finger of God with the North Node, apex Earth. This suggests that emotions will translate smoothly into life direction, which will have a direct impact on the material situation. This could be a ‘feel it and it happens’ aspect; or rather, a ‘feel it and it changes our efforts, which impact our material circumstances’. Doesn’t flow as well, but means exactly the same thing. 4 AM PST the Moon sextiles Pallas, infusing the feelings with wisdom (and probably a good dose of patience, too).  Noon Pacific time the Moon sextiles Venus in the 29th degree of Scorpio. This stresses relationships and/ or finances, where we are likely to worry there’s something we don’t know about one or the other. The answer to this may actually precede this contact, at around 11 AM PST when the Moon captures Juno at the midpoint of Moon-Venus. This might show us exactly where our real empowerment status and options lie–and the lesson we should take from this is that it’s easy to forget what we know, when something dear (relationships, funds, assets, our Art) comes under stress.

And for Sunday the 16th:

2 AM of the 16th the Aquarian Moon becomes part of a cascade effect, by squaring Saturn, sextiling Mercury, and semi-sextiling Pluto–which arrangement of course catches Merc at the Saturn-Pluto midpoint. The effect may be one where each of us only sees a portion of the chain–one person experiences repression of emotion (Moon sq Saturn) communicates that (Merc) to another, who perceives it as a destructive or deliberately harmful confession (Pluto), for instance, or where transformative emotions (Moon-Pluto) are not communicated to a father-figure or authority (Saturn-Merc) or where those emotions allow one to break the rules (Saturn-Pluto), for another example.

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