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'Dream' by Joan Brull 1905 {{PD-Art}}

‘Dream’ by Joan Brull 1905 {{PD-Art}}

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February 20th has one big whammy: the Sun conjuncts Neptune. This is our once-yearly tune-up to our Neptunian nature (though we all have a personal one when the t Sun hits our natal Neptune). Here we get a good measure of how well our surroundings are connected to reality, how truly creative is our environment, and in what ways we may have been mislead, deceived, or otherwise fed a fantasy–and we should take it all with gratitude, as we are seeing in stark clarity ways in which our Neptune may be much better employed in the coming year. Since this occurs in Pisces, we should be cognizant of the way in which creativity is having a kind of Soul-centered Renaissance on both an individual and a Collective level; creative activity has never been greater or more effectively used to convey the dreamed of, the ineffable, and what has only been felt, until now. Make sure there’s an active place for your creative urge in your life–and a creative goal for the month of the Sun in Pisces would be especially productive and apt in conveying the imagined into reality. A sad few might accept a total lie as their reality at this time–but I know that won’t be you.

3 PM PST the Moon squares Uranus, showing us where we need to ‘break loose’ or where we are too much of a loose cannon as it is! One way or another we must face a Uranian imbalance. 7 PM PST the Moon trines Chiron, making us easily hurt, or easily healed, your choice. This kicks off a Grand Trine with Saturn that addresses how truly hurtful the reality situation really is, and what skills to use to change things for the better. 11 PM PST the Moon opposes Pluto. We are either appalled by someone else’s Plutonian display, or we are acting Pluto ourselves, and shocking someone else. In either case, we are disowning something, the fact that we all contain that core rage, destruction, and incredible transformative power, or that we are sensitive beyond measure to what’s around right now (Moon in Cancer). Allowing both perceptions to be part of the Self-image is the healthiest choice.

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