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From 'Landscapes and Beauties: Feeling Like Reading the Next Volume'--of ECLIPSE, of course! by Kuniyoshi 19th century {{PD-Art}}

From ‘Landscapes and Beauties: Feeling Like Reading the Next Volume’–of ECLIPSE, of course! by Kuniyoshi 19th century {{PD-Art}}

On Mercury Retrograde:

One constant for the period is that, with the Mercurial functions effectively ‘scrambled’, we must rely on feeling, sensing, and the intuitive (primarily Venus, and secondarily, the Moon) in order to function effectively and receive accurate ideas on how to proceed. These senses don’t replace Mercury–for most of us they only act during direct times to enhance our minds–but during a retro we must be more willing than usual to accept information we receive through the feeling function as valid and accurate, if only to keep us from sailing blindly off a cliff! We can look to our natal Venus for clues as to how best to approach things, for instance, looking for an ‘original spark’ to guide us with Venus in Aquarius, or directly using the emotions and intuition as a sensor with Venus in Cancer, or using assessments like appeal and appetite to reveal info with Venus in Taurus.

And on aspects for the 22nd:

For the 22nd of February only one, slight aspect forms: Venus moves semi-square Pluto–but oh, for those sensitive to the mixing of Love and Power, relationships and rage, beauty and, well, ugliness (though let’s say right up front that there’s a lot subjectivity in assessing those), this could be like walking in tender, bare feet on jagged glass, sort of a thing where you think, oh I can make it across fast, and then find that not only is the pain unbearable and the glass cutting remarkably deep, but the expected glassless right-over-there is nowhere in sight. It’s not a pretty picture but it is an understandable one, if we realize that the coolness with which Venus in Aquarius approaches a passionate subject may be the trigger to some roiling anger long contained and now released. Pluto dissolves the container itself, and what remains is the understanding (Aquarius) of what Love and relationship really are.

For the 23rd:

2 AM PST brings a trine of the Leo Moon to Uranus, promising sudden emotional revelations or spontaneous revolution! Surprises abound. 4 AM PST the Moon sextiles Jupiter, exaggerating the effects of whatever Lunar contact to Uranus brought up. Proceed with care, because what’s going on now can easily go public. 7 AM PST the Moon quincunxes Chiron and forms the apex to a Finger of God with base of Chiron-Pluto. This ushers in circumstances that allow us to easily rid ourselves of old hurt, with a very positive emotional payoff should we let go of our wounds. If not, we can expect a blow-up that may add to our scar tissue, and create some significant new barriers in relationships.

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