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'A Storm on the Mediterranean Coast' by Vernet 1767 {{PD-Art}}

‘A Storm on the Mediterranean Coast’ by Vernet 1767 {{PD-Art}}

And now, a few bits from ECLIPSE:

24 February Pallas opposes h.Zeus and the Earth quincunxes Uranus. The tone may be one of fighting what we really want, insisting that the material encourages all the ‘wrong’ things in us, and persisting with the notion that smart money will be anywhere but invested in those things we want. Where did we get this nonsense? This may be a result of the soon-to-be conjunct Mercury retro-Mars meet-up in Pisces; the two of them get together in the sign of the Collective and convince us that the only possible acceptable response to things is to deny the individual Will in favor of some Cosmic ‘what the Collective needs’, and with our mental faculties tied up in knots, we may accept these notions as correct ones. Instead what we might do is consider how truly wise our ambitions really are, and whether they are attainable in this world by ourselves as the individuals we are. May bring forward a startling ‘discovery’ or two, and gives us a fresh lay of the land for the Merc retro period.

25 February Venus enters Pisces later in the day (somewhere between 6 and 7 PM Pacific time), but until she does, she sits in 29 hellacious degrees of Aquarius, stressing the intellect with all the jealousy, envy, wish-listing, want, appetite, and insistence on having relationship (even if the other party doesn’t want to) that can make a goddess cry. Finances, too, take a beating, as Venus is oh-so-likely to believe she can buy her way out of anything (or toward happiness). Ignore the tantrum-throwing child inside you, leaving all Venusian matters to which we might want to make changes as they are, for now.

Full Moon occurs on the 25th at 12:25 PM PST at 7 Virgo 23

Though we see old wounds clearly (Sun moving to conjunct Chiron) we are done with these; accounts are closed, criticism put to bed. Now reflected, positive light (the loving support and feedback of others) encourages development of and use of new talents and skills. These will change the view of one’s own individuality; what we saw as uniquely ‘us’ will have to change, as will our relationship to the social circle. Though Full Moons represent endings (to the old hurts we spoke of earlier), this one will also represent a beginning, as the shift in abilities exhibited, change to the Self-image, and the adjustments to interaction with (and probably status within) the group mark the start of a ‘new’ Self, possibly with a new role.

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