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'Surprised' by Rousseau 1891 {{PD-Art}}

‘Surprised’ by Rousseau 1891 {{PD-Art}}

4 AM PST the Virgo Moon quincunxes Pallas; here we go with the emotions and intuition uneasy with what we know to be wise. This may be the kick-off for questioning of our values, defying what’s smart out of a sense that this may only be holding us back. Nope, it’s not. The larger influences today are simply disruptive–we’d be smart, at least for now, to avoid the kind of thinking that is sure there’s something better ‘out there’. 9:30 AM PST the Moon opposes Mercury-Mars and trines the South Node. More trouble, this time in the form of aggressive words or thoughts, egos that spout folderol, actions that support pure fantasy rather than fact, and we draw on the past as our ‘proof’ that all this is a good idea. Oy. The intuition is likely extremely unhappy at this point, telling you in no uncertain terms to stay away from all this talk and all these moves–and you would be smart to do so. 1 PM PST the Moon squares Ceres. Even Mother Nature is irked. Don’t expect a harvest at this time, don’t take anyone’s inventory (in the Bill W sense), don’t criticize, and for gosh sakes don’t hand out lists for ‘How to Improve ‘X”! Nobody’s in the mood for that Virgo Moon stuff. 3 PM PST the Moon trines Sedna–blissful escape! OR we become distraught as things flatten out and nothing seems to have much meaning anymore. Let it pass. 8 PM PST the Moon trines Juno. Listen to the emotions/ intuition–at this time they will guide you unerringly to an empowering scenario.

Void begins 8:39 PM Pacific time; the Moon enters Libra at 5:02 AM PST of the 27th.