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'The Hot Sands, Mustapha, Algiers' by Charles Conder 1891 {{PD-Art}}

‘The Hot Sands, Mustapha, Algiers’ by Charles Conder 1891 {{PD-Art}}

3 March: the Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:11 PM PST; at 6 PM PST the Moon squares Neptune, bringing conflict over some delusion we accept as real, some fantasy we insist on being attached to, or with creative activity, which seems to contradict our feelings about what our creative output should be.

4 March the Inferior Conjunction (the meeting of retro Mercury and the Sun) heralds conflicts, unexpected costs, and circumstances that offend those things we hold sacred.  1 AM the Sagittarius Moon squares Venus and trines Uranus. Relationships suffer from a too-independent attitude or from simple rebelliousness. Costs of contrariness or insistence on being unique are serious and far-reaching. Allow others their freedom, even if it feels wrong, and channel individual expression so that it finds a productive and useful outlet. 8 AM PST Luna tucks herself into the midpoint between Pluto and Saturn. We are emotionally struck by changes to the structures and organization of our lives, and may experience some intense feelings of aloneness and fears of destruction or restriction under coming conditions. It should be reassuring that there is nothing we can do about these changes, and that they have been going on for some time, it’s just that right now circumstances allow us to really feel them happening (or maybe we should say, we are only feeling them, with the mental faculties completely out of the way, and that makes the emotional reactions seem so much more potent). Try not to make any decisions based on the emotions at this time.

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