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'Sheep and Goat' Artist Unknown {{PD}}

‘Sheep and Goat’ Artist Unknown {{PD}}

From the current ECLIPSE:

We’re in the Lunar Void right now, with the Moon entering Capricorn at 4:14 PM PST of the 5th. Starting at 9 PM PST and lasting through 9 AM of the 6th, the Moon sextiles Neptune, Chiron, and Venus, with stops along the way to square Uranus (4 AM PST) and quincunx Jupiter (6 AM PST). This plunges us into an agitated emotional state where we attempt to express the individuality through creativity, Art, Love, or healing, but may find our actions or choices unpopular on the social scene. Why? I don’t know, though we may find a clue in the way the social circle wants to keep it light, and possibly non-committal (Gemini) while we are interested in solid progress and nailing down commitment and achievement (Capricorn)–we’re just too serious, it seems, for networking successfully. Just give it a rest, for now.

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