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Aries in female form: 'Queen Boudicea' by John Opie Several depictions of Boudicea showed her "haranguing" her troops; would they say that if she were a man? I think not.

Aries in female form: ‘Queen Boudicea’ by John Opie Several depictions of Boudicea showed her “haranguing” her troops; would they say that if she were a man? I think not.

The forecast for tomorrow, as the Sun enters the sign of Aries, as presented in ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest:

20 March The Sun enters Aries, pulling our attention to the Self, aggression, anger, and the need to act. It’s almost spring, and the juices are flowing–no more of that relaxed, drifting, daydreaming Pisces for you and me! No sir. The Sun’s entry into Aries starts, of course, at the much-lauded Aries Point–so today may be a kind of bellwether for the coming Solar year. Note the tone, note the positives, note the negatives–and look for them as a running theme or subtext through to next first day of Sun in Aries.

Our take on reality, meanwhile, is at odds with that of those in authority, or with nature itself, or requires some serious negotiation before things shake out into an acceptable state. We can either bash our own heads against barriers, walls, and other impediments, or we can modify our idea of what is to accommodate what we feel should be. Wounds come from ignoring what we know to be wise; though it may be tempting, don’t blow off what’s smart to indulge the urge to act out or act up. (Sun into Aries/ Earth into Libra, Saturn sesquiquadrate Ceres, Chiron semi-square Pallas)

2 AM PDT the Cancer Moon squares Uranus; that building Aries energy brings out the practical joker, the panicker, the rebel without a cause, the know-it-all, and the person who just wants to be left alone, and keeps interrupting you to let you know. Erratic behavior is the norm right now; try not to react. 8 AM PDT the Moon creates a Grand Trine with Chiron and Saturn. Overwhelming emotionalism arising out of hurt may make for a feeling that we’re confined in a watery grave–but know that the trapped feeling falls away when we are willing to let go of emotional immersion as a way of being. It may feel ‘more alive’, to some, but is really just a mechanism that keeps us from moving forward, so waterlogged are we by feeling and sensation. 10 AM PDT of the 20th the Moon opposes Pluto. If we haven’t lap-pooled our way out of the emotional morass that the Grand Trine invited us into, this will be the wake-up call that tells us we are way out over the deep end, with no ladder in sight. If we managed to stay cake-free and dried, as Shel Silverstein once said, we will at this point find that we are either dealing with another’s Plutonian energy (or, as we sometimes call it, an assault), or we will be dealing with our own Plutonian urges and their emotional consequences. Stay calm and take your time, in dealing with either situation. 6 PM PDT the Moon squares hZeus, showing us the emotional downside to getting what we want. Midnight the Moon trines the North Node and semi-sextiles Vesta. This offers a point of emotional alignment with our goals and values, and could call for slight course correction.