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'The Seashore' Wm H Margetson 1900 {{PD-Art}}

‘The Seashore’ Wm H Margetson 1900 {{PD-Art}}

Saturn goes direct evening of the 7th Pacific time, at 4 Scorpio 49, and Uranus, stalling out at about 12 and a half degrees of Aries, retrogrades on the 17th. This may feel a little like shifting tides; we’re just realizing something has lifted and loosened (Saturn) when the tension of the Uranus turnaround becomes apparent. A Uranus retrograde seems to manifest in chaotic encounters, accidents, and uncertainty, always very close to the actual retrograde date (typically only a day or two before and after, at most). I’ve observed tension at the retrograde point of other heavyweights, but Uranus seems to be different: we really do seem to be plunged into a kind of confusion when he withdraws, with a much higher chance of inattentiveness, carelessness, and even, if I may be so dramatic, betrayal (this latter showing in abrupt and often bewildering changes to our role within the group). Be aware that just as what was holding us back seems to ease, we encounter a kind of riptide, not always discernible to the observer, which is why we’re so often taken by surprise, and overwhelmed, when we swim into its path.

If either of these planets is in hard aspect to a natal point or body at the time of turnaround, the associated energies, as well as any House ruled, should be watched; with Saturn, we look for clues as to what might progress, and where we might feel a removal of impediments–or, for those like me, who actually find themselves with restrictions lifted when Saturn is retro, we might see a slowing and inexplicable halt to what seemed to be sailing along just fine–while with Uranus it’s about the unexpected, with caution in related areas called for. In any case, it’s a chance to get a little bit of a jump on what could become trouble areas–and those not into astrology will swear it all comes ‘out of the blue’.

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