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'A Fairy Under Starry Skies' Luis Ricardo Falero c1875 {{PD-Art}}

‘A Fairy Under Starry Skies’ Luis Ricardo Falero c1875 {{PD-Art}}

For the 9th, from ECLIPSE:

1 PM PDT the Virgo Moon conjuncts Venus. A great time for socializing, but watch for emotional spending and being too critical in relationships (Virgo placement). 7 PM PDT the Moon trines Sedna, either effectively separating us from awareness of our own feelings or plunging us so deeply into them that looking out at the world will be like looking at daylight from the bottom of a well. Being too critical of ourselves and our choices is the danger at this time. Know that taking a harsh inventory won’t really reveal anything new, and will certainly depress both mood and motivation. Void begins at 7:29 PM PDT; the Moon enters Libra at 6:08 AM Pacific time August 10th.

10 August Willingness to Adjust is the name of the game today; the social circle must adjust to our empowerment efforts, and we to theirs, and communication is, off the bat, confusing, fanciful, misleading, creative, or deliberately deceptive–possibly in an attempt to ‘soften the blow’ or to gently lead us (and our energy) in another direction. With the Moon entering Libra, the impulse may be to partner-up, but it’s a day to work alone, or at least be willing to cut others a lot of slack in the communication arena, and avoid any important talks or making agreements at this time–they’ll almost certainly contain something unintended, or have hidden consequences. A good day for fiction writers, artists, and daydreamers. (Jupiter quincunx Juno, Mercury quincunx Neptune)

11 August is a day when healing is offered, relationships are tested, what’s wise must defend itself, and communications are curtailed, contained within formal boundaries, or unduly harsh–so don’t take the form messages and information arrive in to heart, but instead hear the message behind the words or deeds. 3 AM PDT the Moon is apex to a Finger of God with base of South Node-Chiron, and the Moon also forms a T-square by opposing Uranus and squaring Pallas. This may be a BIG moment of truth, as we are challenged to show that we are emotionally healed from past injury–and as well we are dared to rebel against what’s wise, and ruin it all. A testing point that can be a milestone, if we handle it correctly.

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