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'Woman With A Parasol' (Madame Monet and her son)  Claude Monet 1875 {{PD-Art}}

‘Woman With A Parasol’ (Madame Monet and her son) Claude Monet 1875 {{PD-Art}}

What follows is the aspect and Lunar hour-by-hour forecasts for 15 August from ECLIPSE; subscribers to the Weekly got this last Thursday, while Daily Word subscribers got it, plus the Daily Word Image, in their email morning of the 14th Pacific time. Subscribe now and get this for every day, plus lock in the current rate!

15 August we may do a lot of weighing and measuring today, as the natural world faces off with the inner one, wisdom faces ambition and desire, the Underworld meets the Upper one (and this will have a personal form, wherein your darkness or hidden nature contacts your daily environment) and words make or break relationships, and could earn for us or cost us. Noting the contrasts among things as we sort through our day is what will give events and encounters meaning and texture; neither side of any equation holds a superior position, and keeping this in mind will make us both more thoughtful of the experience and more likely to make decisions that are true to who we are, rather than influenced by conditioning. (Ceres square Sedna and sesquiquadrate Pluto, Pallas square Zeus, Mercury semi-square Venus)

1 AM PDT of the 15th the Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune. We can be mislead, if we’re not entirely willing to see ‘what is’. 9:30 AM PDT the Moon sextiles Juno. Listen to the emotions at this point; they will lead us to empowerment. Noon the Moon makes the apex to a Finger of God with base of South Node and Jupiter. Expanding our ideas about the past, and perhaps learning something of history, personal or otherwise, leads to a sureness emotionally, and an intuitive knowing. 2 PM PDT the Moon trines Uranus and squares Chiron. We could cause hurt by our insistence on separateness, or by rebelling. Such reactions serve no purpose–don’t indulge. 4 PM PDT the Moon trines Mercury, sextiles Zeus, and quincunxes Pallas. If we want our plans to be a success, we must be willing to adjust or modify, according to what’s smart, and to match skills to what’s needed.

The image for today is the hand receiver on an old landline phone. This speaks to me of the South Node, and evokes not an old message, but an old means of delivering the message. Watch today for a familiar form of communication; think about what you came to see that as signifying in the past, and ask yourself how that particular means of sharing information affects the message now, with the idea in mind that the form itself carries its own meaning, apart from the overt message conveyed.

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