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'The Gathering of the Manna' Tissot c1898 {{PD-Art}}

‘The Gathering of the Manna’ Tissot c1898 {{PD-Art}}

I saw Venus square Pluto, perfecting today, in action, as part of the long-term Uranus-Pluto square, with Venus making a T-square and only promising to get worse, as our Lady of Love heads toward conjunction with Zeus (ambition, lust, desire). The way I saw it play out was this: the group (or I should say, individuals appointing themselves as speaking for the group–Uranus is in Aries, after all) asks for discussion of ideas/ exercise of the intellect, but doesn’t like anyone they label as rebellious (others might call them original, thinking for themselves, or loners)–there is a right stance to take, and you must take it, and want to be part of our group, and if you don’t, you’re intellectually inadequate–because you couldn’t be as modern, learned, or smart as we are, otherwise you would conform! The group offers obliteration (via Pluto–of the intellect, the ego, or anything that indicates separateness) to those who don’t see the group’s standards as holding ultimate value–which says that the minute a Uranian entity like a group forms, it loses it’s Uranian qualities if it chooses to reject anything that differs from it–it in effect becomes Saturnian, authoritarian, intolerant.

Have you had an experience like this, have you watched the group reject anyone not willing to bow down? This is not the first time I’ve seen this, but I think the willingness to judge others so harshly can only be based on fear: of being left out themselves, of not being seen as worthy of high status, of having wasted their time, energy, money pursuing something someone else doesn’t seem to value or want. For some people there’s nothing worse than doing, buying, being something that others aren’t impressed by–I think I ran into them today.

What I saw followed the old idea that what comes out of someone else’s mouth says far more about them than it does about the person they’re speaking of–when I remembered that, I realized how little anything that was said, particularly that was said to me, had to do with me–and I went back and looked at my own assertions, because those are the ones I must own. I’d simply said that I didn’t think ‘x’ necessarily indicated ‘y’, nor did I believe it was necessary to follow a particular learning trajectory to end up at ‘y’–no more, no less. I just don’t hold a lot of ‘shoulds’ in assessing others–I believe the proof is in the work, and nowhere else, and I think that’s true in all areas of life: I don’t need to judge someone else as fit or not in some area, their life experiences will do that for them.

We enjoyed the Superior Conjunction today (the meeting of the Sun and Mercury with Mercury direct) which is typically a culmination point of its own. I’ve been watching for some time now as people show who they really are under the pressure of Uranus-Pluto, and like everyone I’ve been dealing with these same pressures myself. What I discovered was that I am not fearful enough, or insecure enough, and that I am not working to prove myself to others (the only person I need to impress is me), and so there are some people who will judge me and see me as inferior, because I won’t struggle with them (they think I should care what they think), or because I’m just not like them (they see their own way is superior, and if I don’t support that view, I’m wrong)–and that’s okay.

Stories–feel free to share ’em if you’ve got ’em! And have a great weekend (the Lunar portion of the forecast for tomorrow is below) Thank you!