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'In the Library' A. Toulmouche 1872 {{PD-Art}}

‘In the Library’ A. Toulmouche 1872 {{PD-Art}}

Cancer Full Moon 15 January 2014 at 25 Cancer 58 at 8:52 PM PST: Caring for Power

The Sabian is, ‘Guests Are Reading In The Library Of A Luxurious Home’ This suggests a few things: that we are in the midst of learning something or being informed by what’s going on—pay attention; that our circumstances are really very good, and that we may have downplayed them or may be unappreciative; and that we are currently lacking in a conscious awareness that we are, in a way, guests here on Earth, with all the temporary enjoyment, responsibilities, and need for good conduct being a guest entails. The Sun, which we always look to as a source of Moon-light, is, ‘A Nature Spirit Dancing In The Iridescent Mist Of A Waterfall’ Ahh, Ceres again! With the Full Moon we are being given a chance to experience our own spirits as part of Nature, guests on the Earth, enjoying the beauty and sustenance of a cool mist (for who has been in the lee of a waterfall and not felt replenished by Mother Earth?) and it is only our preoccupation with the material and the spiritually insignificant that keeps us from thoroughly experiencing it as our daily reality. That may be at the heart of the FM revelations—that power we will end up caring for will, for most of us, center in the experience of being alive and fully appreciative of this, though for a few, it will be all about worldly power—when you encounter one of them, just step aside, and go on your way.

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