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'A Summer Evening by Kallsjön' Helmer Osslund before 1938 {{PD}}

‘A Summer Evening by Kallsjön’ Helmer Osslund before 1938 {{PD}}

There’s a Water Grand Trine of Earth-Jupiter-Chiron and a Mystic Rectangle of Sun-Jupiter-Earth-Pluto right now; both configurations amplify what’s currently available. With the GT, intuition is magnified in the arena of application of unique skills to material matters. We each have those specific, Chirotic abilities we were meant to discover, cultivate, and share–this is one of those windows of opportunity when we have the ability to apply those skills to our surroundings, in use of our assets, or in the material picture in such a way that the abilities themselves are much more powerful than they would otherwise be–such is the amplification available through the configuration. With the Rectangle, we are given the vision or knowledge necessary to give the Soul expression in some material form right now; this will likely be through a vocational outlet, something we’re called to do or moved to participate in at this time. Both configurations give us extraordinary ability to apply our talents–use and enjoy!

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