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Rhys Caparn, American sculptor, 1909-1997 {{PD}}

Rhys Caparn, American sculptor, 1909-1997 {{PD}}

7 May we are stuck between our most original, unique, or rebellious urges and the dictates and expectations of the social order. What’s eating at us are our desires and ambitions, our goals and plans—we’re itching to get them underway, but find it’s exceptionally difficult at this point; we can’t get a straight answer and what we may lose in relationships, finances, or our chance at being a leader or a way-shower is something we just can’t determine right now. What will heal us, give us our perspective back? Connecting with the Earth, through gardening, sculpture, taking a walk, working with clay, or some other thing that quite literally grounds us. Then sit back and watch elements that were previously confusing fall into place. (Perfecting today: Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, contra-parallel Chiron, Mercury into Gemini, at the midpoint of Jupiter-Uranus, sesquiquadrate Zeus, Earth trine Chiron)

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