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"Die Rasenbleiche' Max Liebermann {{PD}}

“Die Rasenbleiche’ Max Liebermann {{PD}}

3 AM PDT the Cancer Moon and Jupiter form the arm of a T-square with Uranus-Zeus. Intuition or the feeling nature–likely in an exaggerated form–can inform us as to the correct direction to take between going our own way or cooperating in hopes of fulfilling ambitions. 11 AM PDT the Moon squares Vesta, bringing conflict between feeling and the state of the home, the mate, or a cause to which we’re dedicated. We might need to ask ourselves whether we care as much as we think we do; genuine affection would most likely translate as acceptance rather than upset. 3 PM PDT the Moon trines Saturn, making it easy to contain our affections and give them tangible forms (or clear boundaries). 5 PM PDT the Moon squares Ceres. We find our own concerns are not the same as those of authorities, maternal figures, or those with whom we are negotiating; a quick review of who needs what may be all it takes to straighten priorities out. 9 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Sedna. By caring we access a part of our psyche and sensibilities that is usually out of range–enjoy the insight.

Today’s image is two small birds scuffling in the sky over territory. Most upset is over inconsequentials; make a point today to skirmish only over what really matters, Big Picture.

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