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Flying's kind of a fantastical idea even at the best of times. 'Robur the Conqueror' by Léon Benett 1886 {{PD}}

Flying’s kind of a fantastical idea even at the best of times. ‘Robur the Conqueror’ by Léon Benett 1886 {{PD}}

This article appeared in late March in ECLIPSE, and since then, not much has changed with Flight 370; the chart for this article, minus many of the more exotic asteroids, is on the chart page, link above–just scroll down to it.

As the mystery deepens and this goes in the public arena from a tragic loss to the focus of some amazing speculation (if Courtney Love can find the plane, why can’t anyone else? To be fair, Ms. Love is only doing what everyone’s doing—trying to find an airliner full of human Beings who may, we must admit, still be alive. I could be catty and say that, as a bit of a wreck herself, Ms. Love may have a better chance than most—but I kid!) Still, all of us want to know what happened—and without any cell phone calls from the plane, with transponders turned off, and no wreckage of any sort seen or washed up anywhere in a search area roughly the size of the United States, one guess is as good as any other.

I finally decided to look at the chart for take-off, the ‘birth’ of the journey, at 12:41 AM AWST Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the 8th of March. That was a Saturday, the Friday before, here in the US. What was I anticipating? A Void Moon, indicating the trip wouldn’t go as expected, a very late Ascendant degree, suggesting that some plan was already in motion that had decided their fate before they ever left the ground, or what we did find, something important to any chart, the Moon, setting in a symbolic representation of the airliner’s vanishing.

The first thing I see is the Gemini Moon ready to slip below the Descendant—certainly could symbolize the speed with which communication was lost, or the disappearance itself as the plane left radar—but what do we use to symbolize the plane? Since we’re treating this like a natal chart, I’m tempted to use the Sun, the ‘Soul’ of the machine, and surprisingly, this works well, with Leo on the 9th House of long-distance travel. The Sun is in Pisces in the 4th, a sign with an ‘obscuring’ energy, the 4th a House of endings and below the horizon—‘ultra-grounded’, which for a plane could mean trouble! This is also the ‘natural’ House of the Moon, linking this Sun to the ‘disappearing’ Lunar light.

Ruler of the Sun, Neptune, is also in Pisces, so in the Whole Sign 4th, exactly opposed the chart Midheaven—that doesn’t seem good, the symbolic opposite of soaring through the air! If we keep a very tight orb (2 degrees max) we could count a semi-square from Venus in Aquarius, a quincunx from Zeus in Libra, and a sesquiquadrate from stationary retrograde Ceres in Scorpio. The first two are desire indicators, both in tense aspect to the plane’s significator, suggesting human tampering or an actual highjacking—or even the desire on the airline’s part to economize, and so not perform needed maintenance or repairs (thinking they knew best how to spend their money, Venus in Aquarius, or putting their greed before the needs of the ‘partner’, who in this case is the traveling public—Zeus in Libra). The latter aspect, though, is Mother Nature in a Watery sign known for its mystery; that suggests crashing and sinking into the ocean, possibly to such a depth that it may be some time before any signs of the wreckage are seen.

But, Ceres is also authority, posited in the sign of the Underworld god Pluto, with whom Ceres had to negotiate over how long Pluto would be allowed to keep her daughter Persephone/ Proserpina in Hades with him. Are we looking at an instance where discovery might come in 6 months, the time Persephone was to stay below ground that corresponded to her consumption of 6 pomegranate seeds while in the Underworld? It’s a wild guess, but what else have we got?

And what of the named asteroid scene? Hekate is conjunct Ceres; Hekate’s special role is as wayshower, and indicator of where something went—melded with Mother Nature, apparently. We see Circe, daughter of the Sun (Helios) and Perse, a sea nymph, an enemy of men who liked to trick and destroy them, at 16 Sagittarius the day of the disappearance, which places the asteroid square our indicator for the plane. Karma is at 21 Sagittarius, square the chart Vertex; need I comment? And Diana, the Moon goddess, the Huntress who became weighed down as she picked up a series of golden apples in the midst of running a race, is conjunct the Sun and therefore the plane—and though this echoes the Zeus and Venus contacts, I really can’t even guess at the significance—another association to the Moon? Something about desire, want, passion, slowing progress?—while, intriguingly enough, Persephone for the day of disappearance was at 27 Capricorn, square Mars, Vesta, and the Nodal axis and quincunx Pallas in Leo, perhaps indicating the ‘capture’ of the plane (as theorized by some, hijacked into the ocean or to land somewhere still not determined) was unwise—and that would suggest the passengers are being held somewhere, or that there will be unanticipated repercussions for the hijackers or their families after they are discovered as culpable.

But, all the principal indicators are posited in either Air or Water—and that makes me think, along with Sun in the Pisces 4th, that air to water may have been the progression of events. Privately I’ve speculated all along, without looking at the astrology, that they may have been hijacked and held—but I think that’s the romantic (or terrorist) in me that hopes there’s more to the story, in fact hopes that there’s hope! We have one more thing to look at, though, and it may shed a little more light on this difficult subject.

We can place the transits for the time of last contact, 1:22 AM, around the chart and look for differences, which of course will likely be limited to the Moon and the angles. The Moon has moved forward 21 minutes, placing it even closer to exactly opposed the Ascendant of the take-off chart and putting it now square the Part of Fortune for the last communication chart. We also see that the Ascendant of the last communication chart is now 9+ degrees farther into Sagittarius, and is now square the Sun, plane indicator, marking the last time the plane ‘presented itself’ to the world. The last communication Midheaven has moved to 33 minutes from exact by degree and minute conjunct the take-off Earth and opposed the take-off Sun, capturing the moment of ‘fame’, the point when the mystery began.

What can we make of all this? Everything and nothing, really, as there’s just not a scrap of evidence in any direction yet; we can only hope that by some miracle of fortune they’re all alive, that the plane isn’t being outfitted as a terrorist weapon, and that soon the many individuals and families who are wearing down with waiting will finally have some answers.