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'Red Balloon' Paul Klee 1922 {{PD}}

‘Red Balloon’ Paul Klee 1922 {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, your birthday’s here, and a relationship, financial, or Love matter in your life is ‘brand new’–how will you treat it? Even if you’re not starting a new job or just now falling in love, you have the chance to behave as if it’s all brand new, with the ‘clean slate’ feeling that goes along with a new venture. That means you can make of the job, relationship, or opportunity whatever you want–and that means the potential for reward within the situation is renewed, too. Negatives for this coming year: imagination can too easily run away with you; positives include the ability to listen and speak with great sensitivity, and big chances for enhancing personal empowerment or gaining status–so enjoy it!

Featured Solar Return aspect: Uranus opposed Zeus-Vesta. Erratic or unreliable behavior can break ambition chances and damage the home life; originality in fulfilling ambitions and a willingness to put yourself as an individual at the service of the group can make for exceptional success. It’s all up to you.

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