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Get ready for a new You--'They Come' by Thomas Cooper Gotch pre-1931 {{PD}}

Get ready for a new You–‘They Come’ by Thomas Cooper Gotch pre-1931 {{PD}}

New Moon in Gemini occurs May 28th at 11:40 AM Pacific time at 7 Gemini 21: ‘The Birth of a New Self-Image’

A New Moon in Gemini is very much about a new way of thinking—in this case, with Mercury at 29 degrees and Neptune in the picture, it’s about a new way of seeing ourselves, of having a new Self-image, devoid of the interference of illusion, upon which we can base our thinking. Other than the NM’s square to Neptune, the only other contact is a trine to now direct though still stationary Mars. This promises confrontation that destroys illusions, changes our ideas about ourselves, and that primes us for a new course of action, with the stage for that action likely related to subjects of the House ruled by Aries in the natal chart. Recent events have set the stage for a fresh understanding of who we are, and a new way to think about ourselves in the world; this is very good, bringing a kind of thought-renewal that we are rarely able to apply so completely to our own identity—but this time we can.

The Sabian Symbol for this is, ‘Aroused Strikers Surround A Factory’. Of course we mean ‘upset’ people on strike, not the other kind *wink* But, this somewhat unfortunate choice of phrase brings up a good point: that passion is passion, whether it’s sexual, stoked by rage, or employed in service to creating a higher ideal in the world; it’s intense energy, first and foremost, and we can direct it anywhere we choose (in spite of the impression we give ourselves, that it is created by the object or cause, we really have the passion first, then find what we judge to be a suitable outlet).In this symbol we see passionate individuals mobilized to create change, specifically in (what we can assume) is the workplace; we can translate ‘workplace’ to mean ‘our world’, where we are productive, with the attitude of the strikers the one we must adopt: a willingness to put our passion into action, to call for change, with the New Moon channeling that change-energy straight to ourselves.

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