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Portrait of a Bashi-Bazouk, a mercenary of the Ottoman Empire by Jean-Léon Gérôme 1869 {{PD}}

Portrait of a Bashi-Bazouk, a mercenary of the Ottoman Empire by Jean-Léon Gérôme 1869 {{PD}}

2 AM PDT of the 29th the Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus and trines Zeus. Spontaneous discussion or thought on ambitions and desires is on the agenda. It’s a good time to network–you can get the support you need by showing your uniqueness–or if you’re on your own you’ll have good ideas and can ponder inventive moves to take you closer to your goals. 4 AM PDT the Moon trines Vesta. You are in harmony on the home front, with the mate, or with those causes to which you are dedicated. Use this flow to enhance the relationship. 6 AM PDT the Moon squares Chiron. We may shut down over hurt, or meet the challenge and pull Chirotic skills into the mix–your choice. 8 AM PDT the Moon trines Ceres and quincunxes Saturn. Who holds authority is up for discussion–and negotiations will necessitate some changes to the rules or boundaries currently in place. 11 AM PDT the Moon hits the midpoint of Juno-Jupiter. We see the emotional repercussions of serious power struggles–or we are emotionally caught in the middle of some sort of parental-feeling dispute. Ideas about who’s right may change with the wind–so stay neutral and out of it, if possible, and remember, it’s not really your fight. Unofficially, the Void begins at 11:45 AM PDT as it leaves the midpoint–officially it begins at 9:15 AM PDT as the Moon leaves quincunx with Saturn–but that’s only if you count the quincunx. Traditionalists begin the Void at 9:07 AM as the Moon leaves trine to Ceres–but that’s only if you use asteroids. If you want only strict Ptolemaic aspects and major bodies, we see the Void begin at 3 AM Pacific. The Moon enters Cancer at 7:14 AM PDT of the 30th. No matter where you start it, this is a very long Void. Generally, things go unexpectedly, and efforts begun at this time often as not come to nothing–so conserve your ammo, as they say, just for now.

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