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'The Sense of Sight' Philip Mercier c1746 {{PD}}

‘The Sense of Sight’ Philip Mercier c1746 {{PD}}

4 AM PDT of the 16th the Aquarius Moon opposes Black Moon Lilith. We may perceive a real distance between our innermost compulsions and temptations and our intellectual understanding of what it is that we need. The best approach to level ground between the two may be to translate those needs through the intuition–skip what you think and go with what you feel. 7:30 AM PDT the Moon trines Mars. Taking action or making choices is easy–the mind is clear on the direction we’d like to take, in spite of Merc’s retro status–or perhaps, because of that apparent backward motion, the mind gets out of its own way that much more easily. If we need cooperation from others, now’s the time to ask. 10:30 AM PDT the Moon trines Zeus. The emotional reactions support the ambitions and desires–without conflict within the feeling nature, we can pursue our wants at twice the usual speed and efficiency. Noon the Moon sextiles Uranus. Spontaneity that rises from our mood can bring surprising and enlightening experiences. 2 PM PDT the Moon trines Vesta, squares Saturn, and semi-sextiles Chiron. Something in the reality scenario gets in the way of us being able to honor those causes to which we’re dedicated, or to spend adequate time on the home front or with the mate–and this results in some hurt, our own or someone else’s. Find out if what you honor is impractical in real-world terms (and so doesn’t fit the reality scenario–if, in other words, what you’re pretending to honor is contradicted by the actual life you’ve built around you) or if the surroundings or commitments need to be modified to allow you to dedicate sufficient time and energy to those things that really matter. 5 PM PDT the Moon trines Ceres, offering us the cooperation or assistance of authorities or harmony between our own feelings and our expressions of power. 10 PM PDT the Moon squares Venus. Relationships may erupt in conflict as one or both parties rely on the intellect in matters that should rely on the heart.

Today’s image is a magnifying glass. Look closely; the details are very important right now.

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