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'Cupcake' Wayne Thiebaud cc3.0

‘Cupcake’ Wayne Thiebaud cc3.0

New Moon at 5 Cancer 37 on 27 June: Creativity and Its Pitfalls

The Cancer New Moon trines Neptune, and with some leniency for non-Ptolemaic aspects, we can count it as semi-sextile the Juno-Venus combo in Gemini. This makes for new beginnings that are strongly emotional and are relationship, values, information, or communion-oriented; it also may generate emotion-driven creativity, inspiration, and imagination that have an agenda of furthering communication and caring. What we musn’t overlook, though, is that relationships and empowerment issues (especially whose ‘rights’ are granted by whom) will play a bigger part than we expect; they will act as an undercurrent, and issues of status, control, and emotional ‘territory’ will loom large in expression of NM energies. One important thing we must note about Juno-Venus is the potential for co-opting others’ resources, energy, relationships, or even ideas (the Gemini placement), as well as the possibility of jealousy surrounding creative energy expression. It’s not pretty, but it’s a whole picture, one that can equip us to create and protect our creation—for certainly that’s part of the Cancer mandate, a facet of nurture and care—and surely we know by now that to reject the darkness is to invite it in, sit it in the best chair, and give it a muffin.

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