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Gainsborough - The Painters Daughters Chasing a Butterfly 1756 {{PD}}

Gainsborough – The Painters Daughters Chasing a Butterfly 1756 {{PD}}

4 AM PDT of the 2nd the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Either we are consumed with imaginative or creative expression, or we have a microscope trained on the details, procedures, and organization of our surroundings. Neither extreme is as productive as a viewpoint that takes that detailed focus and applies it to creating–try to land there. 6 AM PDT the Moon squares Juno. Being critical toward those in charge is useless, but sharing the right knowledge with them can gain you a lot of ground. 10 AM PDT the Moon trines Earth/ sextiles the Sun and squares Venus. We are grounded, so it’s just confusing when we run up against relationship conflict or financial negatives–we feel like it shouldn’t be happening. Trust what surrounds you, what you can hold in your hand, and let anything reported, insinuated, or threatened fall by the wayside. Likely as not those implied problems will never actually appear. 3 PM PDT the Moon trines Pluto. Emotional depth comes easily at this point; we can relate at a very intense level. The inclination might be to dig down where and with whomever we are at the moment, but caution is in order: just because we can get down to the bare bones doesn’t mean we should. 7 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Pallas. We are in touch through intuition and emotion with our inner wisdom–ask it what you need to know. 11 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Uranus and sextiles Saturn. We’re seeking security by shaking things up–a contradictory stance if there ever was one. Consider that’s not the most logical way to get from A to B.

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