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Gustave Caillebotte - Régates à Argenteuil 1893 {{PD}}

Gustave Caillebotte – Régates à Argenteuil 1893 {{PD}}

Even though, dear Cancer, your Solar Return identity and emotions are in harmony, your Solar year through to your next birthday may be dominated by all the material you’ve tucked into your ‘blind spot’; look to both your natal Sedna placement and the place in the natal chart where Sedna is currently transiting (today at 24 Taurus 47) in order to know from what issues and life areas (by House) and in what manner (by sign) you might be blindsided. The good news is you’ll have a clear idea about what material steps you’ll want to take to pursue goals, and you’ll by guided by Nature, your highest values, and aided by the cooperative attitudes of others. In fact, the consistent and unanticipated support you attract on all levels, from the personal to the Collective, will make for some of the highlights of the year, and perhaps of your life. Happy Birthday!