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James Tissot - 'Ball on Shipboard' 1873 {{PD}}

James Tissot – ‘Ball on Shipboard’ 1873 {{PD}}

3 AM PDT of the 16th the Pisces Moon opposes Pallas. We may be inspired or just deluded, but either way we may be tempted to ignore the smart thing to do. Don’t. 10 AM PDT the Moon forms the base of a Finger of God with Sedna, catching the South Node at the midpoint, apex the North Node and Ceres; the Moon also trines the Sun. We sense what we can’t really see, something linking us to the past, and this informs both the future and our sense of personal authority and power. Our vision is clear at this point, so that anything we conclude, even when it’s gleaned from unconscious sources, will be accurate and informative. 12:30 PM PDT the Moon creates another Finger with Sedna, this time with an apex of Mars and Vesta. What we’ve sensed now prompts action or choice; the good news is what we act on or choose is directly in line with our truest values. 5:30 PM PDT the Moon squares Venus. Our sense of the creative or a need for escape is in conflict with relationship or financial needs. Don’t blow something important just for a few hours off, but do note the need you feel at this time: it’s indicative of some itch that can cause trouble if it’s not eventually scratched. Void begins at 5:59 PM PDT; the Moon enters Aries at 9:07 PM PDT and immediately trine Jupiter fresh in Leo. We may have an excited and expansive feeling about the social scene or from knowledge just gained; this is a great way to kick off the Moon in Aries, as this confidence and excitement primes us for Aries flavored action.

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