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'Fairy Islands' from the book Elves and Fairies 1916 by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite {{PD}}

‘Fairy Islands’ from the book Elves and Fairies 1916 by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite {{PD}}

8 AM PDT of the 2nd the Libra Moon quincunxes Sedna. Feelings, especially about relationships, are jarred by things in our ‘blind spot’–and so the origin of the disturbed feelings can’t be pinpointed. Noon the Moon trines Juno and semi-sextiles Pallas. Our empowerment relies on listening to that still, small voice of wisdom–but remember, it’s a choice, so we’re not guaranteed to stop and pay attention, and the voice won’t bother to shout–we have to be willing to hear what it’s saying. 4 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Ceres. The power balance in relationships is examined–negotiations, overt or covert, are in order, and Nature and one’s sense of authority all have their say in what’s worked out. This can even things out between individuals in such a way that it makes for a long-lasting and stable interaction, or it can show us that equity and balance will never be achieved with that particular person. An eye-opener that we should pay attention to. Void begins at 5:40 PM PDT; the Moon enters Scorpio at 7:57 PM Pacific. 10 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Vesta. We may look for emotional comfort on the home front, with the mate, or by diving in to causes to which we dedicate our life energy–or we may intuit something happening below the surface in one or more of these areas. The Scorpio Moon will dig to discover what’s hidden–be ready for an emotional revelation.

3 August thoughts and words may be darker or more destructive than we intend—in fact, we may not realize the power behind what we think and say at all! Too, illusion may seem preferable to the truth at this point. With just a small adjustment to the focus of our attention we can see both what’s powerful and what’s destructive—and so can avoid inflicting inadvertent damage. (Perfecting today: Mercury contra-parallel Pluto and quincunx Neptune, Sun quincunx Pluto)

The Daily Word Image for the 3rd is tiny green fairy lights in the summer garden. Time to fantasize, dream, and maybe consider the life forces, beings, and energies we can’t (or won’t) see.

And from an article on the life and death of founding member of the Rolling Stones Brian Jones (charts are here):

“Brian Jones has a 7th House Pisces Sun close to the South Node; Sun close to a Node implies birth close to an eclipse, and a Total Lunar eclipse arrived almost exactly three days later, on the 3rd. The eclipse was conjunct Jones’ North Node, his Ascendant, and his Earth (and so opposed his Sun), square his Jupiter, ruler of the 4th, and trine his Vesta. The emphasis on home and place, and on the identity so soon after birth may have sensitized his first conscious days to an extraordinary degree, setting up a condition of awareness of the loss of the Cosmic condition of the womb, and an existential longing that nothing earthly could quell. This may be reflected in his purchase, just a year before his death, of the house where A. A. Milne wrote Winnie the Pooh, Cotchford Farm; it seems an unusual choice for a premier rock star of the day, a sentimental and comforting atmosphere in a relatively isolated setting that was the opposite of the contemporary music scene.”

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