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Keep your eyes open--the Trickster doesn't always wear a bright, diamond-patterned jumpsuit. Edgar Degas - Arlequin danse, c. 1890 {{PD}}

Keep your eyes open–the Trickster doesn’t always wear a bright, diamond-patterned jumpsuit. Edgar Degas – Arlequin danse, c. 1890 {{PD}}

20 August wisdom is found in dark places, and in standing up for ourselves, though one place we won’t find good alternatives offered is on the home front or by the mate; it might be too much a time when everyone is focused on their own creative empowerment, and so what they share will speak more of their own insecurities and power situations than anything else. Avoid authorities today; they won’t be any help. Stand on your own two feet, though, and you can make dreams a reality. (Perfecting today: Pallas semi-square Black Moon Lilith, Vesta contra-parallel Pallas, Neptune trine Juno, Mercury contra-parallel Ceres)

The Moon enters Cancer at 1:45 AM PDT of the 20th. 9:30 AM PDT the Cancer Moon squares Pallas and trines Ceres. We may be trundling along, feeling pretty satisfied (the Cancer Moon can have that effect) when suddenly we realize we’re doing something (or allowing something to happen) that is decidedly unwise–and further, someone is increasing their power or reach because of it. Deployment of skills is called for, along with a Willingness (no, a complete commitment) to claim our own power and territory, and stand ready to defend it. Just the readiness makes conflict unlikely. 2 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Juno and forms a Water Grand Trine with Neptune and Vesta. We are empowered specifically through our emotions; equal parts creativity and dedication make up the recipe that offers truly effective empowerment options. 9 PM PDT the Moon opposes Pluto and sextiles Mercury, catching Venus at the midpoint of the two. What’s communicated, what we hear, shows us exactly where the darkness lies, who is at the heart of it, what can be gained, and exactly what needs to change–“wisdom is found in dark places”. Now it’s up to us.

Today’s image is a Trickster figure, who awards you something favorable. Watch for this person, and thank them–Tricksters aren’t always out to fool you, you know 🙂

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