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Johannes Vermeer - Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid c1670 {{PD}}

Johannes Vermeer – Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid c1670 {{PD}}

14 September what we’ve learned from the past can guide us in adjusting our priorities now; if we don’t use some sort of guideline we run the risk of engaging in erratic, disruptive behavior that risks fouling our own ambitions and desires. Be open to change, even transformation, that’s available in relationships, to apply to finances, and through a general atmosphere of Love—really, accepting the need for reform is the only way to access the treasure—feelings are much more reliable than thoughts at this time—material matters reveal all we need to know and see. (Pallas parallel and Vesta quincunx the South Node, Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus and semi-square Zeus, Venus trine Pluto, Mercury contra-parallel Venus, Earth quincunx Black Moon Lilith)

Today’s image is a letter, addressed and sealed, never intended to be mailed. Do you have something to say to someone and it needs saying, for your own peace? The reality is that if we believe that the only closure comes from expressing our feelings directly to someone, then we’re not talking about expressing, we’re really hoping for a reaction or to engage with them–we’re not looking for peace, we’re looking for enmeshment. If you have something to say, say it–to the air, in a letter, shouting from on top of a mountain–and then let it go. True Self-expression doesn’t need an audience–and as that old saying goes, what we think of someone else is none of their business.

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