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Peter Henry Emerson - The Poacher - A Hare in View c1886 {{PD}}

Peter Henry Emerson – The Poacher – A Hare in View c1886 {{PD}}

Noon Pacific time the Cancer Moon creates a Grand Trine with Chiron and Ceres. Emotions and sensitivity (especially that keyed to hurt) run high; issues of authority or territory may drive tension and force emotional displays. The key to balancing it all may be 1) we must really care, and 2) we must feel secure enough in our own power that we don’t feel threatened by others’ needs. If dealing with someone who seems unreasonable, try to offer them reassurance concerning their own security and safety–that’s really what they’re worried about. 2 PM PDT the Moon creates a T-square with the Uranus opposition to Pallas-Zeus. This is Cardinal and so active; tension is likely over each individual’s fear that they either will not reach a goal or ambition, or that they are doing something stupid. Try to keep perspective and realize that getting overwrought doesn’t help resolve anything. 10 PM PDT the Moon squares the Nodal axis and Mercury (conjunct NN) and trines Saturn. Reality is what it is, but we may insist that it’s taking us in a direction it isn’t, and point to our own thoughts and perceptions as proof. Find someone clear-sighted to bounce your thoughts off of. Midnight the Moon conjuncts Juno and trines Vesta (it’s also still squaring Merc). We may be feeling very empowered at this point, swinging-through-the-trees energetic and capable, especially when it comes to surety about our home, what we honor, and our mate. Your perception isn’t wrong, but it may be a bit distorted by our sheer abundance of energy, so proceed with care.

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