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John William Waterhouse 'Echo and Narcissus' 1903 {{PD}}

John William Waterhouse ‘Echo and Narcissus’ 1903 {{PD}}

26 November actions and choices follow our highest values, and dealings with both money and relationships come from a position of personal strength and sureness in our unique worth—and yet what we do somehow comes from hurt, a kind of ‘making up for the past’ impulse that, for all our success, may leave us a little sad, and may subtly undermine our choices. We can avoid this ‘past echo’ effect if we can free the mind from any residual embarrassment over expressing our own uniqueness, and if we can avoid falling into the delusion that we are in complete, conscious control of our lives and the direction they take. (Mars parallel Vesta, Venus square Chiron, conjunct Ceres, and trine Uranus, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus, Neptune square the Sun-Earth axis)
1 AM PST of the 26th the Capricorn Moon trines Sedna. We may be able to successfully combine intuition, emotional perceptions, and instinct to firm up and make final some important choices or agreements to our advantage–do it if you can. 5 AM PST the Moon sextiles Saturn and catches Vesta at the midpoint. We may find ourselves swayed heavily toward supporting a reality that respects what we care about–choices made at this point, then, can’t help but be good ones. 7 AM PST the Moon sextiles Mercury; thoughts follow feelings, feelings follow thoughts. 10:30 AM PST the Moon quincunxes Black Moon Lilith in the 29th degree. We may meet sudden emotional crisis in the form of things too long ignored. Now that you know, don’t ignore them! Void begins at 11:11 AM PST; the Moon enters Aquarius at 11:23 AM PST. 6:30 PM PST the Moon trines Earth. Surroundings are likely to be hospitable–if they’re not, make them that way.

Fire Grand Trine Venus-Ceres/ Uranus/ Juno=Efforts that empower, show individual uniqueness and originality, and that draw on one’s natural roles or on Nature herself will be highly successful at this time. Pour your fire into a form that reflects you.

Today’s image is a large knife with an oddly bent tip. Does this imperfection ruin the knife? No, it may not matter at all, depending on how we want to use the knife. Don’t overemphasize in your own mind those imperfections we all have and are aware of–they don’t, and can’t, stop you from doing what you were made for.

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