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Gierymski Studio in Munich c1870 {{PD}}

Gierymski Studio in Munich c1870 {{PD}}

You may go on a creative bender this coming year, dear Sag, through to your next birthday, but this attempt to translate a primal, generative energy into your life scenario may cause a great deal of conflict. It’s something you must do; but you must also be prepared for the way expressing yourself will bring the past, in all its technicolor sturm und drang, to glorious life once again. Relationships could be tough and others might not ‘get it’, making for a potentially lonely year. Understanding how difficult this will be is a good start; knowing that what will eventually emerge from all this will be, in some real sense, your masterpiece, should help you see that the struggle, and yes, pain, will be worth it. Facing those buried issues and claiming your strength, wisdom, and your own Self-respect will gain you the respect of others, and will clear the path to that seminal creative moment–so what are you waiting for? Happy Birthday, Sagittarius, and good luck!

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