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What’s the synastry of Chiron conjunct Juno cross-chart?

Here it’s very important to know who has the Juno, a male or a female–but since we don’t know, what we can say is that there may be some form of power struggle centered in one or both parties’ personal sense of empowerment in life. This may come in a wound v. authority conflict, or could center in a knowledge v. privilege stand-off. If the Juno is a woman’s, we may see her empowerment come about through the skill or aid of the Chiron person, whether this is a male or female; this individual might in a very real way ‘heal’ this woman’s sense of empowerment and Self-authority. This same person might also ultimately wound the Juno woman, as either he or she ‘acts out’ through the wounded nature whenever the woman seeks empowerment, or could feel wounded themselves by the woman’s empowerment stance. There is also a worst case scenario where the Chiron person (male or female) clashes badly with a Juno female in the most emotionally spiteful way possible; with the deep wound of Chiron activated and focused on and engaged with the vengeful side of Juno, this could be one very negative combination. If the Juno belongs to a male, we may see his idea of the ‘perfect partner’ activate the primal wound in the other person–this is a very toxic and probably insurmountable (as well as sad) potential reaction. On the positive side, the Juno male might, through his admiration and the sense of a ‘perfect fit’ somehow, bring forward the other individual’s unique Chirotic skill–no small feat, and again creating an unusual ‘trigger’ situation that can be highly significant in a relatively exaggerated positive or negative sense, depending on the situation.

Fantagraphics Books 2004, John Benson, editor

Fantagraphics Books 2004, John Benson, editor

Can a Capricorn woman and an Aquarius man find happiness?

As frequent readers of my blogs probably know, I’m no fan of sun-sign astrology, simply because, well, astrology’s just not that simple! We can venture a few guesses about this pairing, though, based on some ‘probablys.’ First, though adjacent signs typically do not make for good playmates, there are exceptions depending both on situation and which signs are involved, and this is one of those (possible) exceptions: since Capricorn and Aquarius share an ancient (at least, pre-outer planets discovery) ruler, Saturn, then we have an avenue for compatibility in energies that, at least in modern definition, contrast. Normally, the energy of each sign can be seen as a kind of reaction to the one it follows; in this case, Aquarius ‘reacts’ with an emphasis on anarchy, intellect, and modernism, to Capricorn’s emphasis on rules, the material, and tradition. But, since they share an ancient ruler, we must look for the commonalities, such as the discipline that intellectual achievement demands, and the need for the avant garde and innovative to have a past and tradition upon which to base their ‘newness.’ So, we may find that surface clash is really just that with this pair, surface, and that the underlying attitudes may be very much alike.

There is also the idea that, since energies that travel in proximity to the Sun (Mercury and Venus) are typically, if not in the same sign as the Sun, then in the sign on either side of it, this gives potential other personal avenues (through communication styles, aesthetics, values, and attitudes toward love, money, and relationship) for likeness in expression.

We could look at this combo through the elements, too: Air and Earth together could kick up a lot of dust, even a tornado of energy, or the two might never mix, leaving a static horizon with nary a breeze between them.

In any event, good luck, Cappy and Aqua–and for a truly meaningful and complete synastric comparison, consult an astrologer.

How do I seduce a woman with Venus in Aries?

Very carefully! Just kidding–though it never hurts to approach the Warrior Venus with respect. Keep in mind, Venus in a woman’s chart represents her ‘ideal Self,’ as well as telling us of her attitudes toward love, money, values, and aesthetics, so we’re really talking about appealing to her as she likes to see herself. For anyone, reflecting back to them the image they most want to have can leave them totally charmed; after all, who wouldn’t respond positively when someone is not only interested in them, but sees them as they imagine themselves in their very best form.

Aries Venus wants to be seen as strong, as offering some form of leadership (and this can be in a fashion, beauty, or aesthetic sense, as well as overt command), and definitely wants to be seen as  her own woman, significant in her own right, entirely Self-determining. Treat her like she knows what she’s doing–she’ll love you for it.

Should I swear at an Aries man?

The question is, should you swear at anybody? I don’t think a Sun sign really comes into it–but if you must swear at a man, Aries not only can take it, he may be just a little turned on by such a fiery display. Tread with care, however–simple human decency suggests that you might do best to show the attitude but hold back on the more graphic accompaniments.