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'Le Moulin de la Galette', by Vincent van Gogh, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

‘Le Moulin de la Galette’, by Vincent van Gogh, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

8 July we suddenly feel that everyone is a lot more caring–at least, that’s what they say, what they communicate–but our attention is likely on our own ambitions and wants, and how what we’re doing in the everyday is in conflict with achieving our goals. Actions should be based on ideals, and as long as we keep the ego out of it, we can’t be led astray or deceived–but be too Willful or aggressive, and you might find yourself tilting at windmills, Quixote-style.

Take note of the Earth-Pluto, still conjunct, and the way the Sun-Earth-Pluto forms a T-square with Zeus=at this point we may get a glimpse ahead to serious material change on the horizon, with our ambition and desire picture as the tipping factor; our desires propel the shift, which is likely generated through conflict, the need to resolve tension, or a breaking away from current direction in order to make a big, dramatic push toward getting what we want.

9 July temper, irritation, and the need to choose (probably over something we’ve been torn about for some time) come forward from our ‘blind spot’ and challenge our equilibrium. Instincts can inform the direction we take, but our usual weaknesses are still in place; that means that to succeed we’ll need to recognize that we’re not infallible, and then ask for help to fill in our own skill or knowledge gap. That’s the best bet for putting ourselves in a good position, from which we can then act in the most effective way possible.

10 July action and successful Self-assertion flow from wisdom and skills, and if we can communicate our own empowerment position, we can deal with any upset concerning current life direction (we should anticipate either criticism over our independence or leadership, and/ or a lack of cooperation from others). Determine your own course at this time, and be Self-responsible–it’s the only way to have control over outcomes.

11 July talk is about power, even if it doesn’t seem to be, and material matters may make us feel less than adequately empowered. Best results come when we stay both centered and calm, no matter what.

12 July we can draw on empowerment lessons of the past to inform our present, and erratic behavior, rebelliousness, and show-offy displays of intellect or educational heft earn us a punch in the nose (figuratively or literally) and send us reeling off course. Channel contrariness into original efforts, and don’t worry about whether those efforts are propelling you closer to goals–it’s time to indulge your unique spark, to celebrate your individuality, and to find a form for it that wreaks as little havoc as possible.

We enter Dark of the Moon today–giving ourselves a little more solitude, a little more time to do things, and a little more space for contemplation and rest will benefit everything we do, and prepare us for the New Moon new beginning ahead.

13 July we could experience difficult financial or relationship situations, and though mental processes are practically-oriented and even wise, they may not adequately honor those things we value most. Communications could be fanciful, mislead us, or inspire us, and we see precisely how to go about healing troubled situations. If we can find a way to re-orient ourselves to our highest standards, we can make valuable headway in fixing what might have gone wrong, with our pocketbook or our interactions.

14 July it’s the things we’ve been ignoring, denying, and generally shoving under the rug that trip us up today. Instinct whispers to avoid those matters but odds are we will ignore the warning and plow forward–and we find ourselves tiltin’ at windmills again. And, resulting actions and choices cause unintended havoc in the reality picture. Slow down and deal with things one at a time–and don’t leave unpleasant dealings for later–attend to them now.