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Paul Gauguin - Vahine no te miti (Femme a la mer) (Mujer del mar) 1891 {{PD}}

Paul Gauguin – Vahine no te miti (Femme a la mer) (Mujer del mar) 1891 {{PD}}

The New Moon in Cancer occurs at 6:25 PM Pacific time on the 15th at 23 Cancer 14, and makes only a few contacts, so I’ll be stretching orbs a bit so that we get some kind of picture. Usually I shy away from expansive orbs, as I feel things can get sloppy fast; this time, though, we have a loose Grand Trine that really may be the heart of the event. Too, I usually don’t pay much attention to what else is happening, preferring to focus on the New or Full Moon contacts so that we can delineate the NM or FM effects away from everything else, making it very clear what leads to what. Today I’m breaking both those rules–hold on!

Though I’m stretching those orbs, I won’t go crazy with it, and that means that the Mercury-Mars pairing that some might consider conjunct the New Moon won’t be for me–but we still need to note that aggressive speech under a banner of how much one cares may be the offering of the day. This also suggests that those not normally assertive verbally or with their ideas may find a little fire today and let everyone know what they think–and this possibly signals for them a new way of communicating or of expecting to be treated, courtesy of the New Moon.

There’s also the matter of Venus at 29 tense degrees of Leo. The poor girl is wound up tight about identity, who’s in the spotlight, about matters of generosity, about how to best shine, and about recent vicissitudes in Love or Money–and she’s preparing to retrograde soon, which implies that all this stress will find outlet in re-visiting similar topics, matters, or life areas from 8 years ago, whatever those were for you, when she last retrograded at approximately this point in the chart. Note this: whether or not current Venusian stresses seem to relate to 8 years ago, they will flow out through those life areas where Venus retros soon, the same ones visited 8 years ago–so don’t be fooled if the forms they take look new or unfamiliar.

Now, finally, the New Moon! It has sextiles to Black Moon Lilith and Sedna (though fails to fall at their midpoint), creates a loose Water Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron, and the Sun-Moon/ Earth axis forms a T-square with Uranus. What’s born at the New Moon is born from instinct, or from those things we’ve ignored or denied, or by anger stirred by matters that normally fall in our ‘blind spot’–suddenly we see them, and wow, are we upset! What’s born makes for emotional release, and that can’t help but offer healing, even if the precipitating event itself is upsetting.

The idea is that if we attended to things yesterday (see my post for the 14th) what comes forward now may be something healing and emotionally positive (the Water GT, Chiron), and that potentially results in real-world change or the lifting of restrictions (Saturn). The ‘T’ involving Uranus suggests we may be taken by surprise by what’s born–we may not have anticipated the new understanding that underpins events, and we may feel pressure to ‘modernize’, to learn new protocols, to catch up to the group, or to be original and inventive–but in any case what begins is something unusual, at least in terms of what we cared about (Cancer) previously. Likely subjects are described by the natal House where the New Moon occurs, and/ or the Houses where your natal Sun and Moon sit, or those they rule (and probably a combination of these). A few will rebel or act erratically in reaction to what happens, taking anything upsetting as an individual affront, and missing the chance for healing and removal of restrictions that events bring.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Seas’  Now, no matter how copacetic a scenario involving three may be, eventually someone feels like a third wheel–and that makes either a tricycle, or a really uncomfortable scene. With this image we’re told these are castaways–so involuntarily in this situation–and the implication is there’s no one else there. We should also be aware of the imbalance in energies: two representatives of the animus, doing energy and one of the being, receptive energy–and so the symbol may speak to an imbalance in our own approach that possibly precipitates the New Moon upset or change. We may be emphasizing aggression, action, ‘tackling’ a job, and using too little receptivity; the result of this kind of imbalance is typically the kind of surprises we will have at the New Moon: entirely of our own creation, we look upon them astonished, shocked that such upset, healing, and the resulting freedom, are actually of our own making.

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The New Moon in Cancer 15 July 2015