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There are pairs, and there are pears, and there are 'Pears and Oranges in a Bowl' - William Glackens 1915 {{PD}}

There are pairs, and there are pears, and there are ‘Pears and Oranges in a Bowl’ – William Glackens 1915 {{PD}}

With Jupiter opposed Neptune, knowledge and ‘the facts’ face off against illusion, against what might be–and if we aren’t truly clear on who we are and in our connection to reality (and how can we be during Merc retro in Air?) then we may come out the worse for it. This aspect initiates an even more serious gap between those who believe in the rational and those who cling to fantasy–and the problem is that both sides see themselves as the rational ones! Jupiter in Virgo, moving into trine with Pluto, quincunxing Vesta and sesquiquadrate Ceres, tells us that the devil is discovered via the details, in critical examination that is not overly respectful of authority, and in a certain willingness to question our values and then adjust them according to what we find. If we fail to do that, we are definitely living Neptune at the moment, feet firmly planted in the fog of our own hazy reasoning. Look around: it’s Mulder and Scully, George and Gracie, Cheech and Chong, Lucy and Ethel, Bert and Ernie, Bart and Lisa, Holmes and Watson, Spongebob and Patrick, and I’m giving no hints as to which of the two in each of these pairs was the one really being realistic.

This is the only aspect for Neptune at the moment (and we’re not counting the fleeting touch of the transiting Moon); that suggests that those disconnected from reality have no touchstones, other than the Jupiterian facts, to pull them back into this dimension. When you hear an assertion, look for the reality behind it; don’t trust, verify the reality of what you believe, before making it your anthem. Normally I would say something about creative types and creativity getting a boost from this, but this time, No–a big part of true creativity is about being able to work with reality, to mold it, to see the potentials–and that’s only possible when we work with what is. We can try to turn water into wine all day, but if we don’t acknowledge that wine comes from grapes, and so must be our starting point, we’re going to serve one weak-ass beverage this evening.

Also of note: Juno and the North Node meet up at 00 Libra, showing us (if we’re paying attention) precisely how much the shaping of our future relies on our own empowerment. If you have placements within two degrees either side of this, or in hard aspect from the other Cardinals, that energy contacted will be instrumental, especially over the immediate future, in determining which way you go and how successfully you do it. Who used it best? might be the Universal question at this point, focused on your natal contacted energy.

Zeus and Venus are also sextile; should you have anything at 14-18 Virgo you have a temporary Finger of God that implies your ambitions plus relationships, finances, or values, when working together, will successfully bring about a positive expression of the Virgo energy. With Venus trining Pallas and catching Zeus at the midpoint, be smart and/ or practical about the use or role of that Venusian asset, for best results. And if you have anything at 14-18 Taurus, that becomes apex to a Finger with base of Zeus (ambition and desire) and Pallas (wisdom, practical skills), making for the obvious formula of applying wisdom to ambition creates, what, at this time? Whatever you’ve got at that point in Taurus.