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"Lawson Spring Night" Harlem River by Ernest Lawson - Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

“Lawson Spring Night” Harlem River by Ernest Lawson – Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Things have seemed inordinately complicated of late–or maybe we’ve just had too many responsibilities, too much to handle–but this weekend, influences consolidate, simplify–we can catch up with ourselves. First, though, there’s Saturn into Sagittarius, this time to stay for 2.5 years. A few points: no, as soon as it enters a new sign, it does not affect every placement you may have in that sign–like anything else, it only affects what it aspects. That said, it may feel like there’s an effect, but that’s a perception of the shift in those energies that are Saturn-oriented–they take on a kind of Sagittarian sheen–so you may notice it in your work, in the way the rules are implemented, you may see a certain willingness to make adventures and exploration a reality, to acquire knowledge or training, to get into publishing or broadcasting or religion–but overall these are mostly seen in subtle shifts in attention that may or may not lead to change in the reality picture. Right away Saturn trines the South Node and sextiles Juno, suggesting that we may mine the past for effective empowerment methods (or to hit up old contacts!)

Today we can reach a kind of power equilibrium, within ourselves (energy in equals energy out) and with others (we negotiate so that everyone is satisfied, and this is likely done instinctively). It’s a good feeling, and allows for significant recovery from recent events, if we refuse to get into a values-related struggle with the social sphere. That’s the one thing that can drain us, that and overreaching in those areas we care most about.

On the 19th we need to measure actions and choices in the light of what kind of future they’ll create.

The 20th says Love is the Answer–relationships, finances, and aesthetic pursuits all go well, supported by the inner wisdom and a sense of the practical. The only thing that can derail us is a refusal to deal with reality as it is, warts and all. Remember, everything can use a little love. Avoidance of issues brings ugly temper tantrums and spoils any reward we were heading toward.

On the 21st taking action can get exceptionally tricky–everything has power considerations behind it, and we may too easily see destructive options as effective ones. Consider what kind of wounding may occur, to both individuals and to one’s causes, investments, and interests, before moving forward.

And a reminder: we can’t rely too much on the mind, right now–use the feelings, the intuition, and the senses. And get my latest book, on Vesta, if you’d like to explore the asteroid of attitudes toward the sacred and the way this manifests through interactions with home, mate, and those causes to which we’re dedicated. To those of you who already have it, Thank You! Reviews/ critiques are welcome on the page at Dog & Sunflower and at GoodReads. Have a great weekend!