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'Nordic Summer Evening' by Richard Bergh c1900 {{PD}}

‘Nordic Summer Evening’ by Richard Bergh c1900 {{PD}}

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The 15th we may find that dreams don’t fit our ideas of what constitutes successful status or empowerment, and confusion over what goals and partners we should reach for are almost a given. Here’s our guide: sort options by using ideals as a measure, and ask yourself, do I want the dream, or do I want the status? You may have to choose, though it’s worth considering that one or the other may not be a true fit (Perfecting today: Neptune sesquiquadrate Juno)

By the 16th relationships, and to a lesser extent communications, are firmly centered on what’s been denied, ignored, or what angers us. These upsets may not be the subject of interactions, but they will make up the underpinnings, and offer an opportunity to clear the air and make relationships as open and honest as possible. The good news is that our actions and choices create the future in a very direct way right now, and dreams reflect what we truly honor–and awareness of this means we’ll likely aim high with both (Neptune parallel Vesta, Mars parallel NN, Sun parallel Mercury, Venus conjoined and Sun/ Mercury semi-square Black Moon Lilith, with Sun-Merc meeting the 17th in Superior Conjunction, so that hidden or ignored matters may be instrumental in forming the resolution we can expect at the SC–which of course was seeded at the Inferior Conjunction of 30 September)

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