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Color woodcut c 1890s Library of Congress {{PD}}

Color woodcut
c 1890s Library of Congress {{PD}}

Necessity is today not the mother of invention but the mother of action; we realize those things we thought might pay off aren’t going to–we’re too touchy about the subject, too prone to rebel out of perceived hurt–and we see that, though ‘old’ potentials are not going to pan out, ‘new’ ones occur to us, with the bonus possibility they offer healing to that old situation we know now will never be (or never be ‘right’). Empowerment is just a (good) idea away; look to the House that contains Sagittarius or has Sag on the cusp, or that relates to ‘bigger, better’, opportunity, or accumulated knowledge from the past, for inspiration, clues, or the very idea itself (Perfecting today: Chiron novile Ceres, Mars sextile Saturn, Venus contraparallel Jupiter, opposed Uranus, and quincunx Chiron, Mercury novile Juno)

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