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'Illusion' Henry Brown Fuller 1895 {{PD}}

‘Illusion’ Henry Brown Fuller 1895 {{PD}}

. . . but so do actions and the reality picture itself–nothing is accurately perceived, and yet everything seems sharp and clear to the physical senses. This creates a ‘can’t believe our eyes’ situation, in the way we may lack both belief and understanding about what’s before us. Identities are, not exactly fluid, more like ragged, with sudden facets that no one anticipates, including each of us–and yet Self-knowledge, knowing who we are, may be the only thing that saves us, and there’s no doubt that egos are feeling powerful and ready to act. The real danger here is that we’ll insist on doing and find later that our perceptions were skewed, just as our results will inevitably be. Creative and imaginative energies may fare best, as there may be serendipitous positives that bloom from our misperceptions. I would counsel not to take any big steps today, but I have the feeling many of us will go forward anyway, and that’s likely okay, just as long as we’re aware that soon enough we’ll discover how what we’ve done differs from our vision of what we’ve done–and so offers some surprises of its own (Perfecting today: Juno qnx Sedna, Vesta opp NN, Mars qnx Neptune and trine Ceres, Venus conj Zeus, Mercury conj Saturn and square Neptune, Sun sesq Uranus)

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