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Viktor Vasnetsov 'Snegurochka' 1898 {{PD}}

Viktor Vasnetsov ‘Snegurochka’ 1898 {{PD}}

Today our words and actions have the full faith and credit of our personal power behind them–and that means we’re only effective to the extent we’ve become, to paraphrase Carl Rogers, our potentialities. How well we have actualized what could be within us will determine our impact on others and our surroundings at this point in time. Any empowerment we’ve achieved pays off; and strangely enough, what’s smart may be to ignore those things we want to avoid or that make us angry (Mercury sextile Ceres and Mars, Venus parallel Juno, Pallas contraparallel Black Moon Lilith).

The Full Moon of the 25th is at 2:44 Pacific time (PST) at 3 Gemini 20, and in order to see the sweep of the Full Moon energies we have to allow a larger orb relative to what we usually do; that makes for a FM that’s part of an Air Grand Trine with Mars and Ceres, and that involves the FM in a T-square with the Sun-Saturn-Mercury conjunction (with the latter drawn in by contact to Saturn), with an arm made by Neptune, and a sesquiquadrate to Zeus.

In Gemini a Full Moon speaks of completion of thought, ideas, communications, or movement of some kind, generally focused in matters of the House where the culmination falls. We either see the matter fully formed, or we see it end, and in either case, the Gemini FM opens the way for the ‘next step’ mentally. The Air Grand Trine reinforces this and elaborates upon it: what comes is a balanced view of action and power. We see what our efforts have wrought, and how we need to adjust the action-power balance to get what we’re thinking about/ desiring (and this brings up the very important point, that what we think about, whether we acknowledge it or not, is what we ultimately are aiming for–no matter what we believe our goals really are). This Full Moon reminds us of this, as well as the fact that we are required to both express our power and to make an effort in order to achieve.

The T-square is a kind of reiteration of the GT/ FM message, with a further answer as to outlet: we see the material results of our thoughts, our Beingness (Sun-Mercury)–they have indeed created our reality (Saturn)–and we’re offered a way to release the tension through a purely creative act (Neptune), likely through matters of the House where Neptune is now transiting, or through the House where it sits natally.

Let’s start with the Sabian for the Sun: ‘A Little Child Learning To Walk With The Encouragement Of His Parents’ This suggests that what ends for us is a static state, or at least one where we were not as empowered as we now can become; we’re now capable of taking our first steps in a new direction, one that has a purpose integral to our expression (of which walking is symbolic). The Sun’s Sabian at a Full Moon is indicative of the energy that caused, created, or preceded the Full Moon situation–so this FM is a point where we are ready to move forward in some important way.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘Holly And Mistletoe Reawaken Old Memories Of Christmas’ This hints that sensory input (through the nerves, memory, and lungs, all Gemini) will transport us to a previous ‘season’–not necessarily a winter one, but certainly, something invested with a distinctive atmosphere that makes for distinctive recall. Those memories will inform both what concludes or culminates right now, and what we take as a next step; what we remember may urge us to recreate that atmosphere, to figuratively re-visit a time and place, or at least to evoke it, in the now–and of course the question to ask ourselves is, ‘What is it that I want to bring back, re-live, or re-create?’ We know that’s probably a feeling–name that, and you’ll know what you’re aiming for.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Full Moon in Gemini November 2015